Membership Agreement


This User Agreement (“Agreement”), Vişnezade Mah. Suleyman Seba Cad. No:79. Interior Door No:1 Beşiktaş / İstanbul , MYSTERYSENSE (“Company”) residing at the address of and the user (“User”) who is a member of the site at internet address (“User”), the User's agreement in electronic form. It was established and entered into force with the approval of .   

Subject and Scope of the Agreement

The subject of this Agreement; Outlining the procedures and principles regarding the products, discounts, prices, photos, pictures, texts, videos and other content (collectively “Content”) accessed from the Site and shared on the Site, determining the terms and conditions for benefiting from the services and regulating the rights and obligations of the Parties accordingly.    

Any rules, announcements and statements made on the Site regarding the use or conditions of the Site are an integral part of this Agreement. and with this Agreement, the User accepts in advance all kinds of rules, announcements, warnings and statements that are or will take place on the Site.      

Rights and Obligations of the Parties

2.1. The user hereby agrees to this Agreement by providing the information requested by the Company in a complete, accurate and up-to-date manner in order to benefit from the Site. acknowledges and declares that he/she knows that he/she must approve and that the Company may request additional information and documents from the User if he/she wishes. If the User enters the Site through his social media account, he accepts that he has given the Company the necessary authorization and permissions to access the relevant account within the scope of this Agreement.

2.2. In case of any change in the information provided during the establishment of the User status or at other times to benefit from the services offered on the Site, the User will will promptly update this information. The Company is not responsible for the inability to benefit from the Site due to incomplete or untrue information or out-of-date information.     

2.3. The user declares that he has the legal capacity to conclude this Agreement. The user cannot transfer the created accounts, user name and password and membership profiles to another user under any conditions and conditions, or allow their use by third parties.

2.4. The user is personally responsible for the use and management of all information, including accounts, username and password that allow the use of the Site. is responsible. Every transaction performed with the User's account, user name and password will be deemed to have been carried out by the User himself, and the User will be solely responsible for the damages incurred by the User and/or third parties due to the use, loss or change of hands by a person other than the User. When the User becomes aware of the unauthorized use of his password or any other breach of security, he shall immediately notify the Company of this situation.

2.5.In all transactions that the User will perform on the Site, the terms that may be published on the Site from time to time, with this Agreement, shall comply with the law, morality and decency, will comply with the principles of honesty, and will not engage in acts that may prevent the operation of the Site by any means, acts that violate the rights of third parties or that are in danger of violating them.

2.6. All rights of software, images and designs, texts, logos and graphics on the site belong to the Company. Copying and/or using the information and/or software used in the design, content and database creation of the Site beyond making use of the Site, all kinds of pictures, texts, images, files, etc. within the Site. Copying, distribution, processing and other use of the data and Content is strictly prohibited. In addition, Users (i) take any action that may threaten the security of the Site, prevent the operation of the software belonging to the Site or prevent other Users from benefiting from the Site, (ii) place a disproportionate load on the Site in such a way as to give these results, 'also